Reasons for Drug Testing in the Workplace

Reasons for Drug Testing in the Workplace - SonicTest Labs

Drug testing in the workplace first appeared in the 1980s after a naval aviator crash landed on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier, killing and injuring many on board. While it turned out that the plane’s crew were drug-free, many others on that deck were under the influence of other substances. Therefore, the Reagan administration implemented drug testing as an obvious safety precaution. Big business soon adopted the practice, and today even small businesses are keeping the workplace drug free with corporate drug testing programs.

Purpose of Drug Testing in the Workplace

In order to maintain a drug-free and safe workplace, employers implement these drug testing programs for the following reasons:

  1. Pre-Employment, as part of applicant background screening.
  2. Random Drug Testing, to deter drug use
  3. Reasonable Suspicion, to enforce possible spot violations of drug use policies
  4. Post-Accident, to identify possible substance use as a contributing factor

Many insurance companies recognize the benefits of  a drug free workplace and offer up 5% discount on workers compensation premiums. Even general liability insurers will provide discounts for employers who implement a comprehensive drug and alcohol program.

Benefits of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Businesses who maintain a corporate drug testing program often see the costs of those program offset, almost completely in many cases, by the benefits of a drug-free workforce. These benefits include (Source: 2011 SHRM/DATIA Study):

  1. Reduced absenteeism
  2. Reduced injuries in the workplace
  3. Reduced rates of accidents and other workplace incidents
  4. Increased employee productivity

Corporate Drug Testing is Easy with SonicTest Labs

SonicTest Labs can help your business put together a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing policy, including both Federal DOT and Non-Mandated drug testing policies. Our team will help you implement these policies and keep your workplace safe and drug-free. Contact a SonicTest Labs near you to learn more.

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