Occupational Hearing Testing

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At SonicTest Labs, we are the leader in Occupational Hearing Testing services. We can help implement a cost-effective and comprehensive program for your business.

What is a Hearing Conservation Program?

An effective occupational HCP preserves and protects the hearing of employees who work in manufacturing, farms, mines, military bases and other noisy workplaces. An HCP also gives employees the knowledge they need to protect themselves from nonoccupational noise exposure.


What are the Benefits of an Effective Hearing Conservation Program?

The primary benefit to workers is the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). However, HCPs can also detect hearing losses that may be due to causes other than workplace noise and might otherwise go untreated.

Temporary hearing loss and tinnitus can also be reduced or eliminated, as well as some noise-related safety hazards. Employees are less likely to feel fatigued and annoyed, and the possibility of stress-related illness can also be reduced.


Management's benefits derive from better labor-management relations, improved employee morale and the decreased likelihood of antisocial behavior resulting from annoyance and stress. Less noise and better hearing can lead to greater job satisfaction, productivity and safety.

Studies have shown that HCPs can reduce accident rates, illnesses and lost time. The prevention of NIHL reduced the risk of workers compensation payments and may help contain costs associated with workers compensation insurance.

SonicTest Labs uses the most advanced equipment available

Unlike most, SonicTest Labs uses a diagnostic audiometer with advanced capabilities and is designed for automated diagnostic hearing testing outside of a sound booth. A cloud-based portal is utilized to centralize access, management, and analysis of patient data and test results

SonicTest Labs is changing how hearing conservation programs are delivered by simplifying the workflow. Our systems are easy-to-use, lightweight and portable, and are optimized for use outside of a sound booth.

Some features include:
✓Pure tone: air & bone with masking
✓Speech: SRT/SDT, speech discrimination testing (NU-6, PBK word lists)
✓Manual, assisted, and automated testing modes
✓REACT™: an intelligent algorithm to address background noise and unreliable responses
✓Extended high frequencies (to 16kHz)
✓Embedded inventory, surveys, or customized questionnaires
✓Secure data archiving, backup, and export"