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How Accurate are DNA Tests - SonicTest Labs

A DNA test, most commonly a paternity test, is a lab test that determines if a man is the biological father of a particular child. It consists of a number of tested segments of DNA strands and compares markers to the child and the alleged father. Depending on the number of common markers from the alleged father, then he cannot be ruled out as the father. In the same way, if he has 0% of those markers in common with the child, then he cannot be the father. The question that often comes up is, “Are DNA tests accurate?” Let’s explore that.

Is a DNA Test 100% Accurate?

DNA testing is a scientific probability. In order to achieve a 100% paternity match would require the testing of every male on the planet, which is improbable as it is impractical. At SonicTest Labs, our DNA test standard is a 24-marker test, which provides the highest level of accuracy — in the 99.9999% range — much higher than typical 16-to-21 marker tests available in the industry. Additionally, we can get the more accurate results when we include testing of direct line descendants. We are even able to get much better results for the harder DNA tests, like grandfather to child, grandmother to child or aunt to child, siblingship, avuncular and Zygosity Testing.

Are Home DNA Tests Accurate?

Many of our DNA tests come as a result of a court order. In those cases, an at-home test is not legally admissible. For court ordered tests, the test must be administered by a certified lab technician. Additionally, understanding the results can take some explaining. Often, those who do at-home tests sit and stare at results and are flooded with questions. That is why it’s better to get your test done at a qualified lab like SonicTest. You might pay a little more, but you know that you’re getting a professional lab result, and we’ll explain the whole thing to you, from how it works to understanding your results.

Can You Cheat a DNA Test?

Not at our lab. Because we’re doing a cheek swab gathering cells, there’s no way to cheat this. However, we always ask patients if they recently had a blood transfusion or if they’ve ever had a bone marrow transplant, either of which can affect the DNA test results.

Get Your DNA Test

When it comes to DNA testing, we’re working within an established, scientific process that results in 99.999% accuracy. You can be confident that the results at SonicTest Labs are the highest accuracy on the market, done by certified lab technicians. We don’t take shortcuts, using the 24-marker test for greater confidence.

If you have questions about a DNA test or want to schedule a test, call one of our offices today.

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