Ever Wonder if a Prescription Medication is the Correct Match for your Body Chemistry? Now You can Know, with a Painless Mouth Swab.

SonicTest Labs has launched a new product in our DNA line. Pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing is a painless cheek swab that will identify medications your body will respond to in a positive way, and those you should avoid that can have adverse health effects. Check out our website for more details http://phoenix-az-blackcanyon.arcpointlabs.com/dna-testing/pharmacogenetics-testing/.

PGx testing is a reliable method to identify medications that you are genetically predisposed to in both a positive or negative way. Why take a medication that does not work for you or is even harmful to you. PGx testing is the answer. Call ARCpoint Labs now to find out more 602.753.2901.

Pharmacogenetics 4x9 Card (Email Version)-1Pharmacogenetics 4x9 Card (Email Version)-2


Our pharmacogenomics testing eliminates clinical trial and error and potentially fatal adverse drug reactions or drug-drug interactions. Analyzing genetic variations of drug metabolic pathways provides insight into prescription efficacy, particularly in terms of therapeutic effect. Additionally, testing can determine how inherited genetic disparities, gene products, and inter- and intra-individual gene expression and function variation contribute to drug behavior and response. More than 100,000 fatalities and 2.3 serious medical events are precipitated by adverse drug reactions in the United States annually. By partnering with ARCpoint Diagnostics, medical professionals can help decrease these numbers. Pharmacogenomics testing enables healthcare providers of all specialists to best gauge drug efficacy:

  • Psychologists and psychiatrists can analyze a patient’s genetic code to determine what anti-depressant medication will trigger the best response, preventing the need for prescription experimentation and adjustment.
  • Cardiovascular specialists can use pharmacogenetics testing to screen patients receiving coronary artery stents for a specific gene, CYP2C19, that hinders their ability to metabolize platelet reception blocker Plavix.
  • Oncologists whose patients face a limited therapeutic window can eliminate the potentially fatal toxicities caused by impaired detoxification abilities detected by examining genetic deregulations.
  • General physicians can assess genetic profiles to determine the presence of the genotype haptoglobin 2-1 and accordingly adjust treatment plans to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Using techniques derived from molecular biology, SonicTest Labs Diagnostics is able to accurately assess an individual’s genotype, providing the data needed to comprehensively analyze individual genes and genetic variation for countless clinical applications.

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