Drug Abuse in Small Businesses Seen Rising

Construction workerTen percent (10%) of small businesses reported employees showed up for work in 2013 under the influence of at least one form of controlled substance. These results were noted by small-business insurer Employers Holdings, one of the largest providers of workers compensation insurance to the small business community. The small businesses that participated in the survey acknowledged they had workers arrive at work while under the influence of alcohol (5.3%), marijuana or prescription painkillers (5.1%).

A comprehensive survey conducted jointly by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) in 2011 resulted in similar findings and reflected the success for companies who have implemented a pre-employment as well as random testing program.

There are:

70% of all drug users are employed
44% of employed drug users admit to selling drugs to coworkers
18% of drug users admit to stealing from their employer or a coworker
47% of industrial accidents are linked to alcohol
Substance abusers file 2X as many worker compensation claims
Drug users have a 300% utilization rate of health insurance
Drugs affect an employees sense of time, distance and reaction time to emergencies.

Implementing a pre-employment drug screen can keep drug users from entering your workforce, but random testing programs will effectively deter then from using drugs after their hired. Keep your workforce safe. Your productivity and bottom line will grow as a results.

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