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Testing for drug-endangered children

Question: My ex-husband has custody of our son every third weekend. He seems like a different child, when he returns; sleeping the rest of the day and all night. Not until he wakes the next day, does he seem himself. A Meth habit caused our divorce and I’m concerned he may be using drugs in…

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SonicTest Labs Participates in Career Fair at McClintock High

  SonicTest Labs of Tempe participated in a career fair at the McClintock High School on April 16, 2014. There were approximately 1,700 eager students looking for information on potential career paths. Many stopped by the SonicTest Labs booth to inquire about “CSI’ type forensic testing. Most were surprised to learn the long detection times…

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Drug Abuse in Small Businesses Seen Rising

Ten percent (10%) of small businesses reported employees showed up for work in 2013 under the influence of at least one form of controlled substance. These results were noted by small-business insurer Employers Holdings, one of the largest providers of workers compensation insurance to the small business community. The small businesses that participated in the survey…

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