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Don’t Forget Basic Common Sense

Question: I’m a college student and went to a party with my roommate. She’s fun to be with, but can be a little wild at times. She was having drinks with this guy and seemed to be having a good time so I left early. She came home two days later and had no memory…

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Ecstasy “pill factory” discovered next to Arizona State University

Ecstasy “pill factory” discovered next to Arizona State University in Tempe. The people involved had enough materials to manufacture over $100,000 in illicit drugs. Five people were arrested, including four ASU students, in connection with the Ecstasy ring. DPS officials said a search of ASU student Andrew Gajkowski’s vehicle revealed a backpack loaded with Ecstasy…

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Is PCP Making a Comeback?

If you’re over the age of 40, you could be excused for the flashback to the 70s when PCP, an illegal drug notorious for causing violent, bizarre behavior when smoked, caused public panic nationwide. However, last month, the federal government’s Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) announced that emergency room visits related to PCP use shot…

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