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Heroin-like krokodil eats users alive

Question: I saw a TV report that stated 2 people were hospitalized because of a drug called krokodil and I’m curious as to what this is. Can you tell me what the attraction of this drug is to make people want to take it? Answer: Originating in Russia, the flesh-eating drug is known as krokodil…

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Test Your Knowledge on Drugs. Take the 2013 Drug IQ Test

1. An opioid is a mind-altering chemical that can come from a plant (the opium poppy) or be man-made. Which of these drugs is NOT an opioid? A. Vicodin             C. Heroin B. Morphine         D. Cocaine 2. What percentage of people who smoke marijuana every day become addicted? A. 5-10%              C. 25-50% B. 80-90%            D.…

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Spice Has Unpredictable Consequences

Question: I don’t like my boyfriend taking drugs so he switched from marijuana to Spice. He tells me it is like marijuana but is not marijuana. He tells me that he passed a drug test after smoking it, so I’m not sure, is it a drug or not? Answer: The difference between Marijuana and Spice…

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