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‘Weed Candy’ is appearing in schools across the country

Tampa, FL – Marijuana is a hot topic in this country. At least 18 states have legalized pot in some form, but there’s always someone out there willing to take advantage, and the newest street treat is actually an old fashioned recipe – candy…made out of pot. “Weed candy”, as its called on the street, has…

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Easy to Implement a Drug Testing Policy

Question: I’ve been contemplating a workplace policy for my Limousine business and understand the Legislature is advancing a law that will require one. Do I need to test existing employees or only new hires, and how do I get started? Answer: Implementing a drug testing program is not difficult. The most important question to ask…

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Drug Testing Brings Better Workforce

Question: I own a contracting company and noticed a few of my competitors advertising they have a drug-free workplace. Is this just a marketing gimmick or am I missing something? Answer: Although they are using their drug-free workplace as a marketing tool, it’s far from a gimmick. They’ve done their homework and are distinguishing themselves…

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